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what we learn

Kindergartners produce "Mother Goose Talks". They learn how to tell stories by drawing two-panel storyboards based on well-known fairytales. They learn how to act, draw, watch and discuss.

First Graders produce "Myth Talks," creating three-panel storyboards with picture, action, and dialogue. They learn how to use cameras to produce single-shot videos about Hercules, Aramazd and other mythological figures from around the world.

Second Graders produce short narratives based on original story ideas for "Playhouse 60." They focus on writing to produce six-panel, 60 second dramas and comedies.

Third Graders turn to informational storytelling to produce minute-long public service commercials promoting good health, safety and care for others and the earth. They learn to write one page scripts and to assemble shots with iPad editing apps.

Fourth Graders write two-column news report scripts about school, city, state and world events. They learn to light interviews, record clear audio and carefully compose shots.

Fifth Graders produce, crew and edit their own documentary shorts. They continue to develop voice through writing, shooting and editing, and screen their work at red carpet events.

bMAT Learning Map

At bMAT our students learn through Project Based Learning. Every month we produce fun and informative Bassett TV episodes featuring segments created by each grade level. Please explore our learning map below. Grades are listed on the horizontal axis. Storytelling and production skills are listed on the vertical axis.

Learning Map