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Bassett Teachers Go Above and Beyond


What do Bassett teachers do after work? More work! Teaching our kids is 24/7. Once the bell rings learning keeps right going, at home, where parents take over. And who teaches parents? Teachers like Ms. Garcia, Ms. Fuerte, Ms. Romo and Ms. Garces: that's who! We caught up with Ms. Garcia, who described a little idea that keeps on growing: giving parents tips on reading books to their kids!


Last year the workshop started as an inspiration to just plain and simple invite parents to come and read books with their children after school in the comfort of their classroom knowing that it would make the children feel very excited to have their families inside their "2nd home". This year three colleagues jumped on board and we collaborated offering a workshop after school to provide parents with tips and strategies on reading with their children. After this, each classroom providing wonderful books for family to enjoy at their leisure in the classroom. Finally, parents completed a brief survey which revealed that they enjoyed the opportunity to read with their children as well as learning about some strategies when reading out loud at home. Children received a book of their choice to take home:). We look forward to developing more workshops in the near future, to assist families in literacy as well as mathematics and other subjects as requested on parent surveys. It was a very rewarding afternoon for all!


You go, Ms. Garcia! You guys rock!

Digging In!

And having fun on School Beautification Day

Diesel's in the House

Thanks to Ms. Jeanie, the Bassett Bots have a new mascot: Diesel, the hound! Better back your dog bowl, Diesel. This spring you're going to Worlds! (Photos by Ms. Madrid)


STEAMing Ahead!

At Bassett, we believe in STEAM. That's why, every Friday, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Tienken encourages her students to create with the building toys she brings in. We caught up with her to learn why building is so important to her teaching.

Bassett: Why do you want your students to build?

Ms. Tienken: I want my students building each week because it is an exciting way to encourage creativity, collaboration and innovation in a way that connects multiple content areas.

Bassett: What motivates you?

Ms. Tienken: I went to one of the Bassett Bot's competitions at Mulholland last year and was hooked! I knew I wanted to give my students an opportunity to explore STEAM at an early age.

Bassett: Why is building valuable?

Ms. Tienken: STEAM is an exciting way to motivate life long thinkers and help students become college and career ready. It teaches students to communicate, design and modify their investigations.

Bassett: How does STEAM fit into our school?

Ms. Tienken: Bassett Robotics has inspired our students and staff, and I am happy to help our school encourage a STEAM education.

Thanks, Ms. Tienken, for STEAMing ahead!



Lights, Camera, Media Lab!

Wow, is that Ms. Albertson's class producing a news show? It sure is! Basset's own Media Lab is open for business. Teachers and students, it's time to come up with your own awesome ideas for Bassett TV, shows you can write and star in yourself!



Wow, what a night at Mulholland Middle School for our intrepid Bassett Bot competitors. From passing inspection of Mulholland principal Dr. Malone to handing out goodies to the other teams ("You mean these yummy snacks are for free?") to reuniting with old friends and making many new ones too, the Bots did what they always do: made their Bassett family proud! Thanks to everyone: our founding Coach Ms. Lewis, newest coach Ms Maness (and was that former awesome Basset Teacher Ms. Maravilla we saw there too?). WHAT A NIGHT! And we're just getting started!


Well, it wasn't a total eclipse here in Lake Balboa, but it WAS totally awesome. Though the children had to stay inside to protect their eyes, many teachers showed their students the eclipse over the internet. Here is how it looked at the pre-K yard. The video was taken over three hours. If you watch closely, you can see the sky getting dark and then light again. What an exciting way to open up the new school year at Bassett!



The Bassett Bot robotics team came home to a schoolwide celebration of their triumphant showing at the 2017 Vex Robotics Championship in Louisville Kentucky. Running through a tunnel of cheering 5th graders to the awards area, Hailey Navarro, Ricardo Gomez, Devon Duplessie, Jared Trinidad, Jirachoti “Motor” Oonariya and Tatiana Aguilar received plaques from Principal Carl Cristoff, who praised the team for placing 17th in the world (4th in their division), topping off an intense year of competition, which saw the team take third place at the State Championship and come within one victory of competing in the World Finals.


If that were not enough, the entire school watched the games via live stream, provided by Bassett’s very own media team. As Coach Imelda Madrid commented, “We sought out the other teams. We made a great alliance with everybody that participated. But what was very exciting was that they were looking for us too. They were excited to take pictures with us. They were excited to compete with us. And it was so exciting to know that you were back at home watching.”


But the work is not done. In the coming weeks Ms. Madrid will be kicking off fund-raising and recruitment campaigns to prepare for next year’s games.


For the time being, however the team should bask in its victory. As Mr. Domine, visiting robotics coordinator from Mulholland Middle School, expressed it, “Ladies and gentlemen, there are 6,600 VEX teams. They (Bassett) are 17th in all of them. Think about that. Pretty impressive.”



Nothing Posted




Third grade teacher Ms. Bentler is set to retire at the end of March: BOO! But she has fun plans for her retirement: YEAH! We recently sat down with Ms. Bentler, who graciously answered our questions: 


Us: Ms. Bentler, when did you begin teaching?

Ms. Bentler: I began teaching in 1997.

Us: Why did you become a teacher?

Ms. Bentler:  From the age of 6 yrs I wanted to be a teacher. I played school with my dolls, stuffed animals, and many little kids in the neighborhood.  My love of learning fueled that passion to teach.  In 1995, I volunteered for a group called Rolling Readers. I was assigned to share my love of literature to students at Bassett once a week.  I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and it just solidified my desire to start a career in education.

Us: What have been teaching’s greatest challenges?

Ms. Bentler: The biggest challenge for me as a teacher has been lack of time to accomplish the goals which I set for my students.

Us: What have been teaching's greatest rewards?

Ms. Bentler: Teaching's greatest reward has been that I learn something new from my students everyday. I have been very blessed to work with amazing colleagues at Bassett. We support each other in our careers and personal endeavors.

Us: Do you have any words of advice?

Ms. Bentler: For students, my words of advice are to work hard, persevere, have a positive attitude.  Never stop learning.
I advise parents to love your children! Spend time with them when they are young.

Us: What advice do you have for teachers?

Ms. Bentler: You don't need any advice from me. I love you guys just the way you are. You are my inspiration.

Us: How do you plan to spend your retirement?

Ms. Bentler:I plan to spend time with 14 grandchildren; quilt and do charity work. I'm also looking forward to RVing around America, and enjoying whatever adventure comes my way!


Sounds like fun, Ms. Bentler. But Bassett will miss you!



One of our great fifth grade teachers invited us into her awesome classroom so we could share it with you here! Technical note: to view in 360 please use Chrome or Firefox.

Bassett Bots Advance!

Left to Right: Hailey Navarro, Devon Duplessie, Ms. Madrid, Ricardo Gomez, Jared Trinidad, Tatiana Aguilar (not pictured: "Motor" Oonanya Jirachoti)


It wasn't easy. There were moments of triumph and crushing disappointment, but the scrappy Bassett Bots never gave up and in the end emerged with third place at the state finals, in Pomona, and the honor of competing next month, in Louisville, Kentucky, at the VEX Robotics World Championship! There's plenty of work ahead, but we know our Bassett Bots have the heart to win it all!





With our championship robotics team, healthy living and virtual classroom exhibits, Bassett showed the whole Northwest District what a great school we are at last week's Northwest Steam Fest!

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