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Get ready for some math fun at Math Night!

Get ready for some math fun at Math Night!

Getting Spacey on STEAM night!

Thank you to all the students, parents and staff members who participated in our Family STEAM NIGHT !!  It was an great success!!

Digging In!

And having fun on School Beautification Day

Diesel's in the House

Thanks to Ms. Jeanie, the Bassett Bots have a new mascot: Diesel, the hound! Better back your dog bowl, Diesel. This spring you're going to Worlds! (Photos by Ms. Madrid)


STEAMing Ahead!

At Bassett, we believe in STEAM. That's why, every Friday, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Tienken encourages her students to create with the building toys she brings in. We caught up with her to learn why building is so important to her teaching.

Bassett: Why do you want your students to build?

Ms. Tienken: I want my students building each week because it is an exciting way to encourage creativity, collaboration and innovation in a way that connects multiple content areas.

Bassett: What motivates you?

Ms. Tienken: I went to one of the Bassett Bot's competitions at Mulholland last year and was hooked! I knew I wanted to give my students an opportunity to explore STEAM at an early age.

Bassett: Why is building valuable?

Ms. Tienken: STEAM is an exciting way to motivate life long thinkers and help students become college and career ready. It teaches students to communicate, design and modify their investigations.

Bassett: How does STEAM fit into our school?

Ms. Tienken: Bassett Robotics has inspired our students and staff, and I am happy to help our school encourage a STEAM education.

Thanks, Ms. Tienken, for STEAMing ahead!



Lights, Camera, Media Lab!

Wow, is that Ms. Albertson's class producing a news show? It sure is! Basset's own Media Lab is open for business. Teachers and students, it's time to come up with your own awesome ideas for Bassett TV, shows you can write and star in yourself!



Well, it wasn't a total eclipse here in Lake Balboa, but it WAS totally awesome. Though the children had to stay inside to protect their eyes, many teachers showed their students the eclipse over the internet. Here is how it looked at the pre-K yard. The video was taken over three hours. If you watch closely, you can see the sky getting dark and then light again. What an exciting way to open up the new school year at Bassett!



One of our great fifth grade teachers invited us into her awesome classroom so we could share it with you here! Technical note: to view in 360 please use Chrome or Firefox.

Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Home School Compact for 2017-2018

Bassett Street Elementary recognizes the importance of having parents deeply involved in all aspects of the school in order to raise student achievement. Bassett pledges to support and encourage ...more

Making a difference, a dime at a time. Bassett gets .10 cents for every box top submitted!


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Bassett Street Elementary recognizes the importance of having parents deeply involved in all aspects of the school in order to raise student achievement. Bassett pledges to support and encourage parent participation and to jointly develop/agree to write and distribute a policy that is understood in the parent's language. The Bassett Parent Involvement Policy, District Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy, and the Home School Compact was handed out at Back to School Night.

To ensure that all families received all three Bassett's Parent Involvement Policy, District Title 1 Policy and Home School Compact, a copy will be sent home the week of October 24-28, 2016 through US mail.  The LAUSD District Parent Involvement Policy will also be included in the mailing to inform parents how the District values theme as equal partners in their children's education.  Please take the time to read both documents as they serve to provide guidance on how the school increases parental involvement at Bassett Elementary School and to highlight the importance of the shared responsibilities we have as Teachers, Students and Parents. If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 818-782-1340.

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